If You Are Not Completely Satisfied With Your Hot Air Ballooning Experience We will Refund Your Money

*We are the only hot air balloon ride company in the industry so committed to guest satisfaction to offer a 100% money back guarantee*

Hot air ballooning is arguably the most weather sensitive sport in the world. Why is that? It’s because that it is completely dependent on the weather. Each and every balloon flight is unique in that it is controlled by the weather conditions on that given day. Wind speed and wind direction determine all of the characteristics of the flight, from altitude, to direction, to distance traveled. All of your pilots decision making is dictated by these weather conditions. The only way that your pilot can “navigate” the balloon is by finding different wind directions at different altitudes.

That being said, hot air ballooning is truly an unpredictable and imperfect sport, some flights go higher, some flights may go farther, some flights are longer, it’s like a box of chocolates,  you never know what you’re going to get. This is all part of the excitement, adventure and allure of hot air ballooning.

*Our promise to you is that we will always strive to provide you with a perfect hot air ballooning experience in a notoriously imperfect sport*

*No other hot air balloon ride company in the world offers you a 100% money back guarantee*

All of us as consumers make purchasing decisions everyday as to whom we choose to do business with. Deciding which hot air balloon ride company is right for you is no exception. So as you research balloon ride companies be sure to ask them if they believe so strongly in your satisfaction to offer you a 100% money back guarantee.

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