What type of flight package do you offer and how much does it cost?

What is your flight season?

Where do the flights take place?

How long is the flight?

Are there any restrictions for your passengers?

Do you have a maximum weight restriction per passenger?

Do you take children?

How many passengers can you accommodate per day?

How far in advance should we make our reservation?

What is your cancellation policy?

What happens if our flight is canceled due to inclement weather or insufficient reservations?

What factors are involved in determining if the weather is conducive to safely fly balloons?

Do you offer private flights for just two people?

I am pregnant. Would I be able to fly?

Why are the flights only done at sunrise?

I have a fear of heights will I be okay on the flight?

I get motion sick will I be okay on the flight?

How does it feel to fly in a balloon?

How do hot air balloons work?

What temperatures should we expect on our flight day?

How far/high do we fly?

How do you steer a balloon?

Is ballooning safe?

Is ballooning regulated by the Federal Aviation Administration?

What should we wear?

What should we bring?

Is it customary to tip your pilot and crew?

What separates your company from your competitors?

This is our first balloon ride. What questions should we be asking?

Do you accept Soaring Adventures, Skyrides or any other national ticketing company ticket/voucher?

Do you offer a military discount?

Do you offer tethered rides?

Do you offer a non-alcoholic alternative for the post flight toast?


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